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Founder Alexandra Dewaele’s journey started with an admiration for unique objects and authentic craftsmanship, inspired by her family's textile business, love for art and her extensive travels. This passion led her to Morocco, where she discovered the beauty of antique and handmade pots, crafted using time-honoured techniques. 

Studio ALEX began with a deep appreciation for large, traditional Moroccan pots, evolving now into creating our own unique designs.


Our pieces are created using authentic potting methods, including being baked underground, which ensures their distinctive quality. Once in our Belgian atelier, each piece receives an artistic touch, refined with natural and ecological materials. We are dedicated to sustainability, employing various hand techniques to craft exclusive editions where every item tells its own story.


Our work is a harmonious blend of cultures and styles, resulting in pieces that are not only functional as classic planters but also serve as original decorative objects. Each Studio ALEX creation is designed to stand out, bringing a touch of authenticity and artistry to any space.


By merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Studio ALEX offers pottery that are truly one of

a kind. Experience the fusion of natural materials, artistic refinement, and cultural influences with our exclusive collections. 

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